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Chaser - The Wonder Years
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Real Friends - Floorboards
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Hurt - Hundredth
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my attempt at being artisticbut seriously in love with this album though
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Handguns’ set tonight was so sick! Definitely worth the 3+ hour drive. #handguns
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Real Friends
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Counterparts - Ghost (Live House Show) [x]
stillathomehere: Yeah I heard :\ That's okay though the shows gonna be a blast! I'm getting out of here at like 5:15 to pick my mom up from work then we're leaving from there at like 6... doors are 6:30 so I shouldn't be late. (had to send you a message because apparently post limit doesn't let you privately answer messages)

That’s dumb but yeah we’re on our way we maybe have like an hour left I’m so stoked for tonight because the show is gonna be so great.

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You spent so many days alone,
So I’ll kill myself to make things fair

I would love to be patient, but I just won’t wait
I’m getting sick and tired of the smile that I fake every day
I would love to speak my mind, but I can’t think straight
I would love to feel alive again, but I’m not used to change
Do you sleep anymore?

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I don’t care how hot you are, if your personality is shit your physical appearance automatically means nothing

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Counterparts l Chain Reaction
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favorite shirt ever
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